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DNA test

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Discover the wonders of your DNA with our comprehensive genotype testing services. Our tests analyze your DNA at specific loci, providing valuable insights into your genetic makeup, inherited traits, and health-related factors.

Here’s what our genotype testing offers:

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping: Research-based test to identify specific variations in your genome, enabling personalized medicine.
HLA Typing: Crucial for immune system function, determine HLA gene variations for organ and tissue matching.
Pharmacogenetic Testing: Personalize treatment plans by predicting your medication response and avoiding adverse reactions
Genetic Disease Screening: DNA Genetic Testing Cost Price Starts from Aed 1800 - Aed 7500Identify genetic mutations linked to inherited disorders for informed healthcare decisions.
Ancestry and Ethnicity: Trace your ethnic origins, migration patterns, and connections to diverse populations.
Health Risk Assessment: Learn about genetic variations associated with disease risks for proactive prevention.
Pharmacogenetic Testing: Optimize drug selection based on your genetic response to medications
Genealogy and Family History: Uncover unknown relatives, build family trees, and connect with your heritage.
Genetic Genealogy: Reconnect with relatives across regions, fostering a deeper understanding of your family connections.
Personalized Nutrition and Fitness: Tailored diet and exercise plans based on your genetic response for better health outcomes.

Unlock the power of your genetics today and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our genotype testing services.

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